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55 €

L'histoire du grand requin jaune (*The Story of the Big Yellow Shark)

Régine Gondeau

A big shark is very sad because its huge teeth frighten everyone. Still, it is kind and only asks to have friends !
An interactive picture book with simple and colourful tactile illustrations.

10 copies are in production, you can order it now, and we will send it to you as soon as we get it.

Discover The Story of the Big Yellow Shark

Size: 21 x 29,7 cm / ISBN 978-2-916170-85-5

66 €

Au Pays d'Amandine... dine dine (*The country of Amandine, dine, dine)

Philippe Claudet

The first of LDQR’s tactile book is back!
Discover or discover again Amandine in the country of Amandoux and playing in many ways!

Discover The country of Amandine, dine, dine

Format 24.5 x 22cm / ISBN 978-2-36593-010-9-1

69 €

Toujours rien? (*Still nothing?)

Christian Voltz

The tactile version of Christian Voltz’s famous book has finally returned. This well-known artist offers a humorous and poetic text about impatience.
Mister Louis planted a seed hoping to see flowers grow and every morning he waits… And then? And then still nothing…
Hardback book, without spiral binding.

we can make some on demand in 1 month approximately.

Découvrez toujours rien? avant de le toucher !

Format 21 x 21 cm / ISBN 2-911782-98-4

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