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25 €

Rien à voir (*Nothing to See)

Sybille Frei

Co-published with Quiquandquoi (Switzerland).
Artistic tactile book, simple and refined, to learn to count with the shapes of roman figures.

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Size 20 x 20 cm / ISBN 978-2-940317-44-8

165 €
In production.

Le petit chaperon rouge (Little Red Ridinghood)

Warja Lavater

Tactile adaptation by Myriam Colin of the artistic book by Warja Lavater.
A little red circle represents Little Red Ridinghood, a big black circle for the wolf, a round embossed circle for the trees...
Beautiful interpretation of this fairy tale by the famous artist Warja Lavater, now accessible in a tactile form.

Découvrez quelques pages en ligne

Size 18 x 12 cm / ISBN 978-2-911782-95-X

79 €

Lya (*Lya)

Annick Glauser

In a really sober style, Annick Glauser, young swiss artist, shares a very strong story.
Using both visual and tactile perceptions, the reader feels the end of the story coming page after page, by a subtil game of shapes. Numbered copies.

Discover Lya

Format 45x25.5 cm / ISBN : 978-2-36593-004-8

55 €

Des vers de travers (Meandering Poetry)

Anette Diesen
We are happy to put at your disposal this beautiful black and white book from the famous norwegian autor : Annette Diesen, who was rewarded in 2009 by IBBY. You will enjoy the crazy poetry, the striking illustrations and the games.
Flocking is used here to create illustrations in relief. Text in black and orange braille.

Discover Meandering Poetry

Format 26x16cm / ISBN 978-2-916170-81-2

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