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55 €
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Petitrou canaillou (The Very Naughty Littlehole)

Julie Hewitt - Illustrations Lyn Lewis & Marie Minary

In this family, father, mother and the twin sisters, not forgetting Littlehole, are cut into the pages. Very easy to read by touch. Colourful. Young children will be able to follow all the adventures of Littlehole without any problem of recognizing...

Four titles - 55 € each
1- The Hole Family
ISBN 978-2-916170-58-8
2- The New Bed
ISBN 978-2-916170-59-6
3- The Walk
ISBN 978-2-916170-60-x
4- The Sandpit
ISBN 978-2-916170-61-8
Size 20,5 x 20,5 cm

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