Who are we?

Our crew

Ghania Chougui
Reception, secretary, bookkeeping
… and so many other things!
Anaïs Brard
Layout of large print and Braille
Braille transcription, Webmaster
Marilyn Dole
Production manager
Tactile prototypes, buying materials
Solène Négrerie
Graphic designer
Designer, tactile prototypes
Dannyelle Valente
Research and development
Tactile illustration's research, prototype test, workshop, teaching
Philippe Claudet
Teacher, Manager, Founding, Research, Relations with authors / illustrators

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Our volunteers

Patricia RICHARD //// President

Claudette KRAEMER //// Animations

Martine FATTELAY //// Tactil model

Julio JOUBERT ////Tactil model

Carol WOLFE BOQUET ////Sewing

Yves MARTENOT ////Help

Foyer d'Alembert (CCAS) //// Sewing
Miss Martin, Miss Udry, Miss Juillet, Miss Richard, Miss Paghent, Miss Musard

Françoise PAGHENT //// Second reading

Claude FROMENTIN //// Accounting

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Editorial board

Marylène BALLAVOISNE //// Specialised teacher, Reims

Nathalie CAFFIER //// Social worker specialised, IME, Loos

Didier DUFRESNE //// Writer, Dijon

Paul GIOVANETTI //// Psychologist, IME, Loos

Evelyne JUSTIN-JOSEPH //// Specialised teacher, Suresnes

Claudette KRAEMER //// Social worker specialised, Illzach

Nathalie LEWI-DUMONT //// Phil D, Suresnes

Sophie RAT //// Librarian, Dijon

Patricia RICHARD //// Parent, Director of the Maison de l'Enfant, Echirolles

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