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Our history

Les Doigts Qui Rêvent, (Dreaming Fingers) was born in 1993 after we noticed the total lack of access to TiBs (Tactile Illustrated Books) for visually impaired children in France.

A group of parents and a teacher, seeing no official answers, decided to react. One teacher in the group managed to produce one TiB (100 copies of a collage book) by sheer improvisation. But the success of this TiB proved that it was urgent to create a special workshop to produce TiBs.

Les Doigts Qui Rêvent is a publisher with charitable status.

Our aims are :

Tasks :

Our philosophy does not accept any human exploitation. So instead of sending our production to a country with very low wages, we have created a workshop in our town providing a way for people with marked social disabilities to start to have a normal life and find a normal job.

What we have already done :

Creation of the TiB "Au pays d'Amandine dine dine" and 4 tactile puzzles in a classroom of visually impaired children.

Production of 100 copies of that TiB and those puzzles.

Ldqr registered as a non profit organisation.

Study journey in Europe to meet people involved in TiB (France, Spain, Italy, UK).

Creation of our social workshop: 1 technical caregiver and people with social disabilities: people excluded from work producing books for visually impaired children excluded from reading.

Organisation of the first international meeting about TiB (Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Russia, England, France) “Learning to read, yes, but what?” in Dijon.




Creation of the Amandine Centre: Research Centre about tactile pictures, a set of partnerships with 5 universities.

Ldqr publish the first artistic tactile book.

Creation of a new department (ToM’s 3d) using a new technique (4 years of trials) to put Braille and drawing in relief on any smooth surface.

Tactus became Typhlo & Tactus with : Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom.

Setting up a new research group, BiTiB (Blind Infants’ Tactile Illustrated Books) with Italy, Netherlands, Quebec, Czech Republic.

Creation of 3 new collections.

A new collection, "Corpus Tactilis" for the professional working with visually impaired children. French translations of the main essays (Y. Ericksson, Lilli Nielsen, Mary Lee, C. Linders, S. Fraiberg, S. Millar…)

Typho & Tactus become international in partnership with ICEVI.


International year :



We create and produce :

We distribute schools and educational materials from :

Our tactile illustrations use the following techniques :

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