Our actions

Our actions

A tactile illustration is more complex than it seems. It must correspond to the way of exploring the world by Blind Children, but also to their experience of the world. However we do not know so much about, for example, their exploratory strategies of a book, about their memory capacity, about what kind of representation they have in their mind and so on.

To find answers to all these questions that we are confronted with every day while working on our TiBs, we created the Center Amandine, a multi-disciplinary research centre, and we ensured partnerships with various French and foreign universities.

Ongoing research:

The results will be published in our collection CORPUS TACTILIS: paper version in French, on this website in English.

For further information, please contact Philippe Claudet.

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Terra Haptica is an international magazine which deals with haptic books from three different points of view, research, field work and art.
You can either order online the French version of the magazine, or read a selection of three articles in English on this website.

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