The Typhlo & Tactus Guide to children’s Books with tactile illustrations

Philippe CLAUDET (dir.)

The largest international panorama concerning Tactile Illustrated Books for visualy Impaired Children

  • 19 countries involved
  • 22 contributors
  • colour photos
  • international references
  • websites

What all the articles from field practitioners have in common is this innovative aspect as well as immense motivation. Here they have shared everything they know with you, generously and unreservedly laid open their practice, with the aim of breaking down the isolation of designers and producers of TiBs throughout the world and particularly those in developing countries, with the staunch believe that children suffering from blindness and impaired visions are entitled to books, so they can find out about culture and discover the immense pleasure of reading, so they can integrate better.
This Guide is a perfect example of “l’Esprit Tactus” [The Tactus ethos].


Collection : Sous-collection : Corpus Tactilis "Pragma"
  • 978-2-916170-66-9

Philippe CLAUDET (dir.) (texte)